Featured Horse

Thor's ImageThor is our very first Leaps therapy horse and is a ranch favorite! He is a striking Norwegian Fjord with a stout and strong frame and Mohawk to match. His calm, gentle rocking and kind, soulful eyes put all of our riders at ease. Thor has a long history of helping people with special needs. He was gifted to Leaps by an amazing woman who has cerebral palsy quadriplegia and has helped countless kids at Leaps since then. Thor needs your help to keep working for our special kids! Thor has a condition known as ringbone and side bone and requires some very special shoes to keep him comfortable, as well as additional vet care and checks to be sure he is pain free while he is doing the job he loves! These special shoes cost $120 every 6 weeks, which adds to the total of over $400 per month to help keep Thor going! Thor is definitely the ranch favorite and doing the light arena walking with plenty of cushion, is great to help him keep his condition at bay as well! Just like many of our special kiddos, Thor wears “braces” to align and protect his legs too! On May 2nd, we have our Annual Evening of Giving- Saddle Up for Pediatric Therapy, at which we have a special table hosted in honor of Thor. We have set a goal of $3000 to raise at Thor’s table, to help keep this special guy part of our program. Please consider making a donation through our PayPal link in honor Thor, or send a contribution directly to our office: 2200 Hamner Ave Ste 107 Norco, CA 92860 and mark it “Thor’s table!” We appreciate your support!!!!