Meet Our Horses

Dreamer is a Quarter Pony. Dreamer is a “dream” for our small kiddos. Dreamer loves the attention from kids. He used to show Hunter/Jumper but now lives at the Leaps Ranch and loves his life as a therapy pony. Dreamer loves to work and has great stamina so he can serve multiple kids a day. He has lots of movement for our kids that love sensory input.
Cash is a Gypsy loaned to us by his wonderful owner Pam. He is very easy going and loves treats. All the girls at the ranch are memorized by his long flowing hair. He is great for our first time riders. Cash teaches proper grooming and bathing and braiding for the TR riders.
Cara is our gorgeous tall white horse that every little girl dreams of! She is 16.2 National Show horse. She is very sweet and easy going. Cara loves to trot with the kids, and is a smooth ride. Cara enjoys a lot of attention and grooming.
Mocha is a lovely dark bay Quarter Horse Mare. She has spent her previous years as a children’s show horse. Mocha is sweet, easy going and loves being ridden by kids. She is a great horse for our kiddos to learn showmanship with. Mocha has proven to be a great all around horse for our program.
Grace is a beautiful Quarter horse mare. Grace is an outstanding therapy horse. She provides a smooth ride and calmness for all our Leaps kids. She is a perfect size for a variety of kids. We can always count on Grace to take great care of the kids.
Lexi is another awesome addition to our team and she is in her early 20’s. She is a perfect height for our therapists. She has an awesome smooth comfortable stride to match her easy going and sweet personality. She enjoys being groomed and bathed by our Leaps kiddos. She is a great teacher for our AR riders learning how to lead and ride independently. Lexi is loaned to up by her owner  Andrea.
Noodles is a very loving easy going paint horse that has been with Leaps and Bounds for a while now. She is the go to horse for first time riders. She is trustworthy, calm and loving. Her trot is smooth and easy for the kids to experience trotting for the first time. She is definitely a favorite amongst the kiddos.
Smokey is a gorgeous 16.2 hand Appendix. Before he was donated to Leaps and Bounds he worked on a race track and then was trained in Dressage. Smokey’s big size is great for our older kids and adults. Smokey loves apples and trotting with the kids. He is great for Therapeutic riding and Hippo. He is a great baby sitter for kids to learn to ride off lead.
Star is one of our long time therapy horses, she is loaned to us by her loving owner Julie. Star is always trustworthy and truly loves her job as a therapy horse. She is often used as a kids first time on a horse. She is a retired racehorse but loves her retirement by seeing the kids thrive at the ranch. Star is sponsored by the Farnham Family!
Dublin is the smallest therapy horse of our Leap’s herd. He is a 12 hand pony. He loves attention and to be visited by all. He came to us from the Norco shelter and is loving his new home at the Leaps ranch. He is great for our smaller clients and offers great movement for our sensory seekers. He is a very sweet boy that loves to work hard for our kiddos. Dublin is sponsored by the Holly Family!
Rusty is a handsome 14.3 Chestnut gelding. Before his therapy horse career here at Leaps he succeeded in Obstacle Course showing, which makes him very mellow and safe for all who ride him. He is a calm and easy going guy that loves the attention of all the kids that come to the ranch. Rusty is a comfortable and smooth ride, he has a wonderful smooth jog for those first learning how to trot.
LO just head
Lil Oak is our resident surfer dude. In the summer his coat gets darker and his hair lighter, just like a proper Southern Californian horse. He has a sweet, calm nature and is known for being easy going and reliable for all our patients. We love to use Little Oak for some of our smaller and younger kids and they all love him as much as his handlers do.
Thor Head shot
Thor is our very first Leaps therapy horse and is a ranch favorite! He is a striking Norwegian Fjord with a stout and strong frame and Mohawk to match. His calm, gentle rocking and kind, soulful eyes put all of our riders at ease. Thor has a long history of helping people with special needs. He was gifted to Leaps by an amazing woman who has cerebral palsy quadriplegia and has helped countless kids at Leaps since then. In loving memory of Thor… he will forever hold a special place in our hearts!