Physical Therapy

  • Physical therapy can offer children with special needs the opportunity to access community participation through functional mobility across the lifespan.
  • Physical therapy focuses on a child’s ability to participate in daily activities and routines in their home, school and community by addressing physical gross motor challenges.  PT’s address gross motor development and coordination, orthopedic and neurological development (the growth, shape, and alignment of our bones) self-help strategies like opening and closing doors and getting on and off a chair, sensory function, environmental exploration, and play skills.  What does this mean? We get moving! Rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, jumping, climbing and more!
  • Our physical therapists will perform evaluations of current skills, plan and implement treatment strategies and developmentally appropriate activities based on this evaluation, as well as identify appropriate assistive devices and durable medical equipment, and create solutions for barriers that limit interaction with their environment and peers in family, learning, and community based activities.
  • You are a powerful tool to help your child succeed! Therapy doesn’t stop when you leave our facility – we will work closely with you to develop home program activities to promote continued improvement in motor skills at home and in the school environment.